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Creative web design

Redbeard Digital Design is a Webby Award winning web design agency which provides excellence in web design and online marketing to our clients. We don't just build websites, we educate our clients on best practices for the web and help them choose the right online marketing tools to support their site once its completed. Our clients refer us to friends and family for years, many of them doing multiple projects simply because they learn so much from our team which empowers business owners to make the right decisions about their online presence.

Beyond the bells and whistles, we deliver results based on our technical knowledge, marketing skills and expertise. Our creative talent, teamwork and skills are yours to experience with integrity and friendly service. Such efforts are what earned us a Gold Top Recommended award on Linkedin and are one of the oldest web design firms in the United Kingdom with over 10,000 client jobs in our portfolio. Redbeard Digital Design was a Webby Award Honoree in 2011 for our www.universalwhiskyexperience.com website.

Software Design

Having developed bespoke software solutions for businesses across a wide range of sectors we are able to solve the most complex of business problems. Whether you’re looking for a bespoke solution, third party customisation, or integration of multiple systems, we have the in-house expertise to help.

Our software engineers can provide solutions on multiple frameworks and languages including .NET, PHP, C#, and Java. We can build a solution to fit your current and future needs.

In addition, our team can combine creative and technical thinking to deliver a high end user interface that is both visually engaging and technically advanced. Quality and detail are at the forefront of what we do.

Web Hosting

We dont just code your solution, we can host it for you too. Redbeard Digital has our own secure servers in one of the largest data centers in Europe, right here in the UK.

We have a range of hosting packages available which can fit all budgets and website uses.Do you just a small website with a couple of pages and a contact form? Great! What if you are a huge multi-national e-commerce website with thousands of products, multiple emails and marketing needs? No problem!

What if you need your own server? We can happily accommodate that too! Just get in touch to discuss your needs and we will find a solution that fits your needs and budget.

Creative Product Ideas

Our team of designers have many years designing and bringing to market a host of products, from health and hygiene to advanced technologies and radar design for the military.

Do you have a product idea but don't know how to proceed? Get in touch with our friendly team and we will see how we can work together to design, build and bring your product to market.


There's a reason our clients come back time after time with new projects for us to deliver. As soon as you get in contact with one of our team, you will be assigned a dedicated accounts manager who will deal with all aspects of your project, from design and delivery and beyond. It's this manager/client relationship which we take the most pride in. To us, you're not just an entry on the balance sheet, you are a key part of our success.

Our Management Team

Dealing with clients all over the world for the past 23 years means we need a robust management team to keep things on course. We dont employ managers, we mould them. Each one has worked their way up through the ranks and are each responsible for a team of designers.. They work directly with our clients and are skilled developers in their own right.

Sara Lisbon

Web Design Manager

6 years with Redbeard

Evan Bohringer

Software Manager

5 years with Redbeard

Alyc Williams

User Interface Manager

11 years with Redbeard

So Who Exactly Is Redbeard Digital Design?

Quite simply, we are a talented bunch of creatives who live and breathe graphic design, coding and emerging technologies. As soon as a new language is announced, one of our team will be learning it. We are beta testers. We are early adopters. We are Redbeard Digital.

Our Creative Skills

Graphic Design
Web Development
Software Architecture
Coding late into the night

FAQ Answers

Our clients have included Disney, the US Department of Defence and the UK Royal Family. If they trust us to deliver their projects, you can too.
We don't believe in a "one-size-fits-all" approach. Every website, every piece of coding, every graphic we deliver is bespoke to you. We work hard to give you the best solution to fulfill your business goals and we will negotiate a fair price with you before we get started.
We do not just cover a single geographical area. Our clients are based all over the world, from small businesses, multinational corporations to military units and entire governments.
1350+ Client Jobs Completed
15600+ Cups of Coffee
22+ Awards Won

Responsive on all devices

Long gone are the days you could just code a site and leave it for the user to work out how to view it on their devices.

Every website we develop is designed from the ground up with responsiveness in mind. Each site beautifully scales to fit the device it is being viewed on, automatically and formats itself to give the best user experience possible on that screen size.

We take pride in our work so you don't have anything to worry about!







A Selection From Our Portfolio

With so many projects under our belt, we could never showcase them all here so instead we have prepared a selection of our past works of which we are particularly proud.


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